The best part of my day is helping brides. 

Katie always wanted to open her own business but didn’t know exactly what that would be. She was in college to become a CPA and learned “this isn’t it,” and switched to marketing.  She told her Mom, “I want to manage a brand, I want to be in charge of growing something.”

Katie’s parents owned their own business and so did her boyfriend,  “I’m a hard worker. And I wanted to reap the benefits of my own hard work.”

Katie was planning a wedding with her sister when the two of them ventured to a bridal consignment store in another state. “This makes so much sense,” they thought as they had previously tried selling wedding stuff of their own and their friends’ out of their garage with little success. But a whole entire store, set up boutique style with hundreds of dresses and thousands of decor pieces to choose from – this was “it!”

They rented a location, set up a Facebook page, took a photo of two champagne flutes in front of the cross streets road signs and started posting count-down teasers on Facebook. The big day finally came in July of 2014.

When asked what inspires her, Katie said,  “I love helping people. I love helping my brides. My favorite part of working my store is working the sales floor.  I get to to to work and provide a place for my staff to work where they love their jobs and they get to be themselves and get to accentuate and focus on their own styles and extend that to customers.”

We also asked Katie what advice she has for anyone thinking of opening up his or her own business and she told us, “If you’re going to ask yourself, ‘What if,’ for the rest of your life, why would you not try and do it? Why not try to live your dream and make it happen? When I took over the store I knew that if I didn’t at least try, I was going to ask myself ‘what if,’ for the rest of my life and I did’t want to do that.”