9 Reasons Savvy Brides Buy Used Wedding Decor

While once considered a thrifty strategy for brides on a budget, shopping Used Wedding Decor is now tres’ chic among brides with unlimited budgets. There are so many reasons why Brides are turning to Wedding Consignment Stores to buy used Wedding Decor. We did some research to find the top 9 reasons Brides are buying used wedding decorations.

Buying Used Wedding Decor is a great strategy. Here are the most popular reasons brides are buying sustainable wedding decor…

  1. It’s super eco friendly. Just about anytime you can re-use something Mother Earth does a little happy dance. Re-using means you’re saving natural resources that are otherwise depleted when something new is manufactured.
  1. Sustainability is a good thing. Similar to being eco-friendly, sustainability is a life-style or at least an occasional option of buying items that support long- term ecological balance. While we may not make perfect sustainable buying choices all the time, when we do make sustainable choices the earth, the Sea Turtles, the Polar Bears and the entire Amazon rainforest are very grateful.
  1. Save money. Buying used wedding decor can provide a savings of up to 90%! Whew! That’s a lot of money! Imagine slicing your wedding decor budget by 90%! Consignment  Wedding stores price items at steep discounts. Brides pay a mere fraction of what they would pay for if you bought your decorations at full price. Plus, if you’re into DIY wedding decorations you have to buy all of the bits and pieces which can add up quickly. 
  1. Save time. If you’re putting together aisle decor, chair covers & decor, table center pieces, table decor, gift tables, a card box, seating signs and more, that’s a lot to shop for. Brides spend hours scouring the internet and going store to store to find all the right pieces for each thing being made. Buying used wedding decor is kind of like paying a professional decorator to do all the shopping for you. Another Bride already put in the all work of shopping and ordering. Then,  once all the bits and pieces have arrived its time to get ready, take aim and fire that staple gun and hot glue gun making sure everything is expertly glued, stuck, sewn or nailed into place perfectly.
  1. Creativity beyond your own imagination.  After hours on Pinterest you may have your dream wedding designed and planned down to the very detail. Step into a Wedding Consignment store (or shop one online) and you will find even more creative centerpieces, floral arrangements, card boxes and table decorations beyond what you found on Pinterest. The best part is that it’s already put together and ready to go and you can further customize the pieces if you so desire.
  1. Less stress. Getting married is a life changing event and is one of life’s top 10 most stressful events. Make it easier on yourself by shopping used wedding decor. You save time and money and have a lot less hassle, which means more time for enjoying your engagement.
  1. Spend more money where it matters. Your dream day will last an average of 8 hours, remember it forever with superb quality photography or, that 7-10 day honeymoon could benefit from an extra splash of cash. Upgrade your accommodations to the Presidential Suite, upgrade your airline tickets to first class. Spend more where it matters.
  1. Exceptional Quality. Consignment stores pre-qualify the wedding decor they accept. They look for trends, color and quality of  construction. You will be benefitting from someone else’s handiness with glue gun and hammer. 
  1. Brides helping Brides. Who doesn’t love helping out a fellow Bride? When you purchase used wedding decor, the Bride who originally made it earns a consignment fee, which is a percentage of the selling price so you’re giving back to them for their time and talent of creating the decor for her.. and for you too!

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