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Our wedding dresses are right off the runway and walking down the aisle.

How is that possible?  

Our dresses are all consigned by brides just like you except these brides purchased their name brand wedding gowns from top wedding gown boutiques and wedding dress designers. 

How it’s done…

They wore the designer wedding dress for their special day and then decided to share the love of their luxury designer wedding gown and earn some of their money back by consigning their wedding gown so another girl can experience her perfect day in the perfect wedding dress. 

We don’t rent our wedding dresses because we sell them at such huge discounts off of the regular full price. You may decide to keep your dress and hand it down to your own daughter or niece or share it with a friend and you can’t do that when you rent a dress, but you can so that when you buy one from Something Blue Wedding Dresses. 

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All of our Wedding Dresses are custom fit to you so you can have your perfect wedding dress and perfect custom fit. We have alterations on-site and we are expert wedding gown fitters to make sure your wedding dress looks absolutely stunning on you. 

All of our wedding dresses are hand picked and checked for quality and trends so you will only find the latest, hottest wedding dress styles on our racks. 

We have over 1500 wedding dresses to choose from starting in size XS to XXL. 

What does your dream wedding dress look like? I bet we have it.  

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